ALYSON SKINNER, Gippsland Social Enterprise Collective

Alyson is Manager of the Venus Bay Community Centre and for the past 18 months has been a member of the Gippsland Social Enterprise Collective, SENVIC’s Gippsland Local Lead to establish a network of existing and emerging social entrepreneurs in Gippsland. Alyson has been an active leader in the Collective, providing input and liaison to SENVIC and working with the team to provide appropriate learning and development opportunities to regional Victoria.

As Manager of the Venus Bay Community Centre, Alyson established the Community Recycling Enterprise and continues to experiment with other community enterprises that strengthen community resilience and local engagement.
Alyson has extensive board and committee experience including with Neighbourhood Houses Gippsland and was a former elected Councillor of South Gippsland Shire Council.  Alyson is currently participating in the inaugural SENVIC Social Enterprise Leaders Fellowship.  She has a positive and vibrant personality and will bring a valuable regional perspective to Board deliberations.

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