Media Release – SENVIC Local Leads appointed across regional Victoria

SENVICĀ Local Leads appointed across regional Victoria

SENVIC is excited to announce the appointment of Local Leads in the Barwon Southwest, Gippsland, Grampians, Hume and Loddon/Mallee regions of Victoria. The five SENVIC Local Leads will each lead the way in their own region, connecting, enabling and providing leadership for the social enterprise sector.
  • Barwon Southwest: Impact Evaluation
  • Gippsland: SENVIC Gippsland Consortium (Wellington Shire, The Centre for Rural Communities, Traralgon Neighbourhood Learning House and Venus Bay Community Centre)
  • Grampians: The Centre for Participation
  • Hume: Upper Murray Regional Neighbourhood House Network
  • Loddon/Mallee: The Christie Centre

“The SENVIC Local Leads will play a vital role in engaging with rural and regional social entrepreneurs thereby ensuring that the network effectively represents the interests of our diverse sector. We are thrilled to have attracted organisations and leaders with specialist expertise, local knowledge and powerful existing networks” said Nick Verginis, SENVIC CEO.

“We received expressions of interest from 15 different organisations. The number and high quality of the applications indicates to me that regional communities are keen to develop the social enterprise sector. I look forward to collaborating with the SENVIC Local Leads to develop a vibrant network, deliver learning & development opportunities and provide a strong voice for regional social entrepreneurs” said Pete Ekstedt, SENVIC Regional Manager.

The SENVIC Local Leads wil come together in March to share knowledge and develop regional actions plans specific to the needs of their own communities.