Metropolitan Manager, SENVIC

Sakshi is the Metropolitan Manager at SENVIC, and looks forward to supporting you and the social enterprise ecosystem to thrive in Victoria. She is also the founder of a social enterprise herself, Humanism Global which provides textiles education and safe employment with women from Pondicherry, South India. Prior to venturing into the social enterprise sector, Sakshi graduated with the Bachelors of Biomedicine & Commerce (Finance) and a Masters of Entrepreneurship from Melbourne Business School, and has worked in Finance at EY, public health and systems change consulting. Sakshi also loves learning and teaching, and in her spare time is tutoring at Melbourne University, facilitating and mentoring entrepreneurship workshops with migrants and refugees through Catalysr, and facilitating school workshops on emotional resilience. She also loves reading start-up and personal development books, listening to podcasts and loves to dance.

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