Notice of AGM

Date: Thursday 7 October 2021

Time: 4pm

Place: Online – Members will be emailed an invitation to join the virtual AGM.

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The formal AGM will commence from 4.00pm and conclude by 4.45pm. The formal AGM will be followed by a panel and facilitated open-floor discussion of current issues and challenges, concluding at 5.30pm.


  1. Opening  and  apologies  –  Chair
  2. Confirmation  of  Minutes  of  last  AGM  –  None
  3. Presentation  –  Chair
  4. Presentation  –  CEO
  5. To  receive  and  consider  the Annual Review,  Financial  Report and  the Independent  Auditors’  Report  for  the  financial  year  ended  30  June  2021.
  6. Appointment  of  officeholders:
    1. Re-appointment of Cinnamon Evans as a director.
    2. Appointment of Alyson Skinner and Nathaniel Diong as new Directors.
  7. Close  of  official  Annual  General  Meeting  proceedings.


Members are requested to contact SENVIC at if they have any queries in respect of the AGM.

SENVIC Annual Review 2020-2021 

The SENVIC Annual Review 2020-2021 is available for download here.

New Directors

We are excited to announce that following a three week public promotion and call for applicants, two new Non-executive director appointments are recommended for approval at the AGM:

Alyson Skinner

Alyson is Manager of the Venus Bay Community Centre and for the past 18 months has been a member of the Gippsland Social Enterprise Collective, SENVIC’s Gippsland Local Lead to establish a network of existing and emerging social entrepreneurs in Gippsland. Alyson has been an active leader in the Collective, providing input and liaison to SENVIC and working with the team to provide appropriate learning and development opportunities to regional Victoria.

As Manager of the Venus Bay Community Centre, Alyson established the Community Recycling Enterprise and continues to experiment with other community enterprises that strengthen community resilience and local engagement.

Alyson has extensive board and committee experience including with Neighbourhood Houses Gippsland and was a former elected Councillor of South Gippsland Shire Council.  Alyson is currently participating in the inaugural SENVIC Social Enterprise Leaders Fellowship.  She has a positive and vibrant personality and will bring a valuable regional perspective to Board deliberations.

Nathaniel Diong

Nathaniel is an award-winning speaker, innovator and leading authority in the Future of Education. As CEO of Future Minds Network, he’s delivered career-readiness programs in schools and universities world-wide. Today, the social enterprise has taught thousands of students to build their own businesses and harness entrepreneurial skills like creativity for the future workplace. The social enterprise has empowered students to create innovative solutions tackling the UNs SDGs and has donated over $100,000 in programs to help young people in disadvantaged communities find employment, practice technical skills and prototype apps from their living room.

2021 Young Australian of the Year finalist, Nathaniel is an international startup mentor and Giant in Residence at Blackbird – Australia’s leading venture capital firm. He helps early-stage startups streamline their marketing & comms, strategic plans and measure impact to land corporate partners. Nathaniel also sits on the Advisory Board of SparkTeen, alongside the former CEO of Techstars.

Through immersive workshops and keynotes, Nathaniel helps young people unlock their endless creativity. He helps corporates, NGOs and educational institutions leverage the potential of Gen-Z, harness innovation and the Future of Work. An international speaker, Nathaniel is a regular MC, moderator and guest presenter at Monash University, TEDx, and more:

Questions from members

Questions for the Directors can be submitted to

The Board will endeavour to prepare answers to these questions, where necessary they will be moderated and curated to cover common ground.

The Chairperson will allow a reasonable opportunity for Members as a whole to ask questions during the AGM. 

Questions can be posted in the meeting by clicking the ‘Chat’ tab at the top of the page, typing your question in the window below and clicking the ‘paper airplane’ button.

You are welcome to participate in online discussion before the meeting by clicking the ‘(Discussion) Board’ tab and responding to a thread.