Enterprise name: Clann Australia Pty Ltd 

What’s the trading activity?¬†

Our customers are the millions of families that still rely on friends, neighbors, extended family, work colleagues and others to help provide informal care for children, elderly and family members with a disability that for one reason or another are left behind by government subsidised care services.

We upskill some of these informal carers and turn their care experience into small businesses on our platform providing a higher standard of informal care to other families in their communities in home based settings. We provide access to an innovative platform, entry level induction programs, pathways to higher qualifications and a range of support resources and information.

Our social enterprise purpose is to create new pathways to employment delivering essential services that help reduce the risks of disadvantage.

What is the biggest challenge?

We are currently inducting family carers for families needing care and support for children, elderly and those with a disability.

Like every two sided marketplace it is a challenge to build up families on one side without having carers on the other and vice versa.

However as the impact of COVID-19 becomes more evident on the employment market we are seeing more interest in the opportunities we offer to set up and operate a genuine small business on our platform where carers are very well supported and can choose their hours, rates, services and family clients.

What is your hope for the future?

Our hope for the future is to build the levels of community interest and support needed to create a higher standard of informal care nationally for families left behind by existing services, effectively revillaging our society where families are properly supported to care for families in home based settings.

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