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Social Enterprise Day Event: All Autistic Owned & Led Businesses Are Social Enterprises

16 November 2023 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

During this Social Enterprise Day event, Dr Sharon Zivkovic will give a short presentation that demonstrates how all neurodiversity-affirming autistic owned and led businesses by their very existence are social enterprises.  Participants will then have the opportunity to share their interest in supporting the autistic social entrepreneurship movement. To encourage a vibrant discussion, this event will not be recorded.

The event is being held at 7.30pm Adelaide time, 9.00 am London time, and 10.00 am Paris time to enable people with an interest in autistic social entrepreneurship globally to attend.

Dr Sharon Zivkovic is the Founder and CEO of Community Capacity Builders which has been delivering community leadership and systems social entrepreneurship programs since 2005. Community Capacity Builders has recently established a Centre for Autistic Social Entrepreneurship that is researching the emergent innovation approach and systemising capabilities of autistic entrepreneurs and developing programs to create an enabling environment for autistic social entrepreneurship. Sharon is proudly autistic.

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