Enterprise name

Kitchen Challenge with Food Works Australia

What’s the social or environmental cause your enterprise addresses?

We want to reduce inequalities and have no gradient of difference. We want to see more people in meaningful employment, creating strong and collaborative economies. We want to create more social innovation, develop better leaders and get policy changed.

Theory of Change: Our long-term goal is to have connected, understood and purpose driven cultures, reduced inequalities and improved employment opportunities and to see social prescribing as a mainstream pathway to improving health.

This will cure the problem of poor engagement, lack of systematic approaches, disconnected cultures, demoralised vulnerable communities and ineffective use of the health service by the medium to long-term patient.

Describe your trading activity (what do you sell and who are your customers?)

We develop leadership amongst teams. We do this in a disruptive, immersive, transitional and blended way – our field of practice to develop such impact is in the Kitchen. Kitchen Challenge is our main focus with a number of other projects. In addition we offer consultancy and policy advice in areas of social prescribing, health, food, education for corporates, universities, schools and other social enterprises.

How are you going with the work?

We have been trading with Kitchen Challenge just over 2 years after our fonder was awarded a Distinguished Talent Visa by the Government. We now have over 145 Alumni for Kitchen Challenge and offer it in Australia, New Zealand, UK and soon India and the USA.
We have clear impact results, lean data, theory of change and developing the finer details for the licensing of our product to allow us scale.

What is the biggest challenge?

As with all companies managing a pipeline is a challenge.

What is your hope for the future?

We wish to achieve our theory of change. Get policy adapted in our field and improve the equalities for all by having better purpose driven. collaborative and shared value approaches understood and implemented by the many not just the few.