Moving Feast

Our sub-network: Moving Feast

Launching a new food security SENVIC Sub-network:

Victoria’s food social enterprises have joined forces to create a pandemic food response that creates justice, sustainability and resilience.

A group of over 20 social enterprises and community groups have pooled resources and knowledge to create Moving Feast. We have sprung into action, delivering food relief to the growing number of vulnerable people being created by the COVID-19 crisis.

‘Although relatively small, Victoria’s food social enterprises will be critical in the current crisis for two key reasons: they create food security right across the food system and they are major employers and service providers to vulnerable Victorians, every day doing the heavy lifting for the government through their sustainable business models.’ Bec Scott, CEO STREAT and SENVIC Founding member.

Alongside food relief, Moving Feast will deliver food resilience packs to help people grow food on their balconies, in their homes or in gardens, giving them access to fresh vegetables and creating a more resilient and climate-safe food system. Starting with 1,000 meals delivered in week one, we are building up to 40,000 per week. We are saving our people, and saving them planet. Project Drawdown identified that improving our food systems is the single biggest way of reducing carbon in the atmosphere.

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