Stronger Together

Why do we do learning & development?

SENVIC creates a unique place where social enterprises learn their craft and become stronger together. Social enterprise has unique challenges and opportunities that are not captured by mainstream business or not-for-profit learning and development programs.

Our learning and development programs are not only tailored for social enterprise, they are delivered by social enterprise and are designed to maximise peer-to-peer learning and strengthen the network of social enterprises in Victoria.

SENVIC Self-paced Social Enterprise Learning Program

We are excited to announce the SENVIC Self-paced Social Enterprise Learning Program. This program has been designed for maximum flexibility so Victorian social entrepreneurs can grow their skills and knowledge at their own pace, and with a focus on their own specific needs.  

Complete our simple online form to submit an expression of interest (EOI). Between now and June 2022 we will run seven rounds of EOIs based on different themes.

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