Stronger Together

Why do we do learning & development?

SENVIC creates a unique place where social enterprises learn their craft and become stronger together. Social enterprise has unique challenges and opportunities that are not captured by mainstream business or not-for-profit learning and development programs.

Our learning and development programs are not only tailored for social enterprise, they are delivered by social enterprise and are designed to maximise peer-to-peer learning and strengthen the network of social enterprises in Victoria.

[Image credit: Koorie Heritage Trust 2021]

Building Cultural Safety at work

Half-day online workshop with Koori Heritage Trust.

Join SENVIC for this online workshop to begin your journey towards creating a workplace that embraces diversity and supports inclusion through mutual respect, shared understanding and experiences.  

This hybrid workshop delivered by the Koori Heritage Trust invites participants to attend a 4-hour interactive workshop (with hourly breaks) where they are immersed into a 2-hour session of cultural competency and a 2-hour session of cultural safety.

Limited places. Book your ticket for one of 3 dates running throughout October.

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