Stronger Together

Why do we do learning & development?

SENVIC creates a unique place where social enterprises learn their craft and become stronger together. Social enterprise has unique challenges and opportunities that are not captured by mainstream business or not-for-profit learning and development programs.

Our learning and development programs are not only tailored for social enterprise, they are delivered by social enterprise and are designed to maximise peer-to-peer learning and strengthen the network of social enterprises in Victoria.

SENVIC and  ACRE  (Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship) have developed and implemented Social Enterprise Guided Learning – an innovative learning & development program that is specifically tailored to the needs of social enterprises and emerging social entrepreneurs across regional Victoria.

The Social Enterprise Guided Learning program brings together experiential group learning   and    self-paced e-learning courses, and delivers them seamlessly to ensure that learners are supported to engage and grow, even when geographically dispersed or in lockdown.

  • 50 participants from across regional Victoria are enrolled in Social Enterprise Guided Learning in 2020.
  • Participants have access to an individually customised learning path drawn from 88 e-learning courses to ensure that their learning is matched to their needs. Self-paced, online learning modules are provided by the  Social Enterprise Institute.
  • Learners are supported through a series of 20 facilitated, live workshops delivered via Zoom videoconferencing in 2020. Each workshop runs for between 60 and 90 minutes and has no more than 10 participants to ensure that meaningful connections can be developed.

Diverse participants

Learners from all stages of life are enrolled – people in their early 20s who are studying at university and thinking about how they can have a positive impact on the world, all the way through to people who are in their 60s and thinking about ways that they can use their life experience to give back to the community. Some participants are exploring setting up new social enterprises, some are newly employed in existing social enterprises, and some are seasoned professionals looking to deepen their knowledge in specific areas. We have participants whose families have lived in their local communities for four generations, as well as participants who have migrated to Australia from four different continents.

Locally-relevant and co-delivered with local partners

SENVIC and ACRE have worked closely with SENVIC’s five Local Leads to locate and support L&D participants who will benefit from the program, and to ensure that the customised learning is applicable in the local context.

Harnessing the world’s best L&D programs and approaches

SENVIC and ACRE have brought together the assets and approaches of the world’s leading social enterprise L&D providers – Social Enterprise Academy from Scotland and Social Enterprise Institute from Canada – and localised them for the benefit of regional Victorian social enterprises and communities.

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