Stronger Together

Why do we do learning & development?

SENVIC creates a unique place where social enterprises learn their craft and become stronger together. Social enterprise has unique challenges and opportunities that are not captured by mainstream business or not-for-profit learning and development programs.

Our learning and development programs are not only tailored for social enterprise, they are delivered by social enterprise and are designed to maximise peer-to-peer learning and strengthen the network of social enterprises in Victoria.

Trauma-informed practice for social enterprises – creating an atmosphere of safety and care for everyone

2.5 hour online workshop with STREAT.

As we return to our workplaces, the tensions of the past year can bring earlier trauma closer to the surface.

  • Sadly, up to 75% of people have been exposed to traumatic events, many as children.
  • This workshop will explain the impact of trauma and disrupted attachment at a social, behavioural, neurological and psychological level.
  • You will learn why people ‘flip their lids’ and how to reduce triggers.
  • We will cover the six principles of trauma-informed practice and how this applies to buildings, public spaces, programs and conversations.
  • You will have an opportunity to reflect and plan how to build psychological safety in your own work environment.

This hybrid workshop invites participants to create ‘therapeutic environments’ that are truly inclusive for all people.

Limited places are available at these times:

  • Wednesday, 3 November at 10.30am-1.00pm
  • Wednesday, 10 November at 2.00-4.30pm
  • Friday, 26 November at 9.30am-12.00pm

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Building Cultural Safety at work 

Half-day online workshop with Koori Heritage Trust.

Join SENVIC for this online workshop to begin your journey towards creating a workplace that embraces diversity and supports inclusion through mutual respect, shared understanding and experiences.   

This hybrid workshop delivered by the Koori Heritage Trust invites participants to attend a 4-hour interactive workshop (with hourly breaks) where they are immersed into a 2-hour session of cultural competency and a 2-hour session of cultural safety. 

Limited places left for the final workshop: 
  • Monday 25 October at 12.30pm.



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