SENVIC Self-paced Social Enterprise Learning Program

Ready to meet your needs   

We are excited to announce the SENVIC Self-paced Social Enterprise Learning Program. This program has been designed for maximum flexibility so Victorian social entrepreneurs can grow their skills and knowledge at their own pace, and with a focus on their own specific needs.  

The program is delivered via the Social Enterprise Institute Australia online platform, powered by SENVIC’s delivery partner, ACRE.   

What course content is available?  

Social Enterprise Institute Australia offers courses covering all the topics you need to start and grow your enterprise. They are neatly organised into the sections you would commonly find in a business plan and are broken down to help you solve your challenges one at a time. With easy-to use video-based online courses in all topics related to social enterprise development, you can access the resources you need, when and where you need them.  

What is the cost? 

There is no cost to participants who are selected for the program. Places in the program have been funded through the generous support of the State Government of Victoria. 

How many places are available? 

The program will provide 162 free enrolments in individual courses, and limited places on a comprehensive learning paths through an integrated suite of 8 individual courses that are designed to support learners social enterprise journey.

Sounds great! How do I apply? 

Complete our simple online form to submit an expression of interest (EOI). Between now and June 2022 we will run seven rounds of EOIs based on different themes.

You can submit an EOI in every round if you wish!  

Round 3: Market

Without customers, a social enterprise isn’t a business. Social enterprises sell products and services to customers to generate revenue to support their social missions. They need to know who their customers are, what they like, and where to find them in order to be successful. They need to know if there are enough people interested in their product or service to make their enterprise efforts worthwhile, and what problem(s) their product or service is solving for these customers. 

Learn how to determine these things and more in this section. 

SENVIC members can submit EOIs into every round of the program if they wish!

Click here to apply now. Closes: Friday, 3rd December 2021 

Our learning and development programs are not only tailored for social enterprise, they are delivered by social enterprise and are designed to maximise peer-to-peer learning and strengthen the network of social enterprises in Victoria. 

Previous rounds

Round 1: Startups and pre-startups 

The theme for round 1 is Startups and pre-startups – closed on 13 October 2021.  

  • We received 33 expressions of interest from right across the state
  • After a very competitive evaluation process supported by the SENVIC Local Leads, SENVIC and ACRE staff, six applicants were finally selected to take part in Steps to Startup, a world-leading, comprehensive startup program consisting of 8 online courses.
  • Additionally, 18 applicants were selected to receive free enrolment in individual courses from the Social Enterprise Institute Australia online store

Round 2: Mission

Round two’s theme, Mission closed on 10th Nov 2021. Successful applicants have been notified.