Regional Manager, SENVIC

Anna is a social innovator, community builder, social worker, service designer, and facilitator with over 15 years of experience across sectors that include: neighbourhood houses, mental health, technology and design, government, and international community development. She is also a participatory designer and facilitator who believes in working closely with people to create positive change.

Anna’s work as the former Social Innovation Lead and head of Digital Inclusion at Infoxchange involved collaborating with allied health workers and the community to co-design digital inclusion activities that were tailored to the community’s unique strengths and aspirations. Her innovative and strength-based methods resulted in sustainable impact, promoting health, community participation, and leadership skills.

Her approach to engagement and leadership prioritises relationships and collaboration as key drivers for positive social change, putting the community at the forefront of the process. Anna has also led capacity-strengthening activities in the health and adult education sectors, supporting workers in implementing innovative ideas, practices, tools, and technology to discover new ways to collaborate, engage and support the communities they serve.

Anna is deeply committed to advancing social change and creating a positive impact through collaboration and community-building.

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