A just, inclusive and sustainable society.


To grow a thriving social enterprise sector in Victoria


Enable an independent, practitioner-led network.

Collaborate with and support the development of the broader social enterprise ecosystem.

Be optimistic, energetic and entrepreneurial.

Harnessing resources effectively for impact.

SENVIC Strategic Plan 2022-25

We’re thrilled to launch our SENVIC Strategic Plan for 2022-25, which outlines our strategic vision, theory of chains and our priority activities for the coming years. 

If you have thoughts on the Strategic Plan that you’d like to share, please email us on hello@senvic.org.au

front page strategic plan 22-25

SENVIC Annual Review 2021-22

We’re proud to announce the SENVIC Annual Review 2021-22, this review demonstrates how the network is making a difference. We hope it gives you a clear picture of our performance and impact in the year to 30 June 2022, including:

  • Our performance connecting the social enterprise community and enablers
  • Our creation of accessible programs and equitable distribution of benefits to members
  • Our enabling strategies to amplify the voice of sector leaders state-wide and create more favourable policies and external conditions.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As an emerging network of networks seeking to accelerate system change, it is vital that our work places diversity, equity and inclusion at the centre of all we do.


The first policy is to outline SENVIC’s commitment to diversity, equitable and inclusive practice, and to set out how the SENVIC model for representing the community and developing emerging leaders embodies this commitment.


This policy will apply to all the ways SENVIC engages its members as well as in the recruitment of people to the SENVIC team, SENVIC committees, the board and other forums.

Read our policy on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion here>

SENVIC Annual Review 2020-21

Check out the SENVIC Annual Review 2020-21, to show how we’ve made an impact in the year to 30 June 2021.

SENVIC Strategic Plan 2021-22

Check out our Strategic Plan 2021-22, which outlined our priority activities for the year.

If you have any thoughts on the Strategic Plan or Annual Review that you’d like to share, please email us on hello@senvic.org.au.

Our story

SENVIC was established in early 2018 to build a connected community of social enterprises, to facilitate access to learning and development opportunities, and to give practitioners an independent and collective voice.

Our statewide network of social enterprise practitioners was initiated by the CEO of ACRE (Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship), with financial support from Equity Trustees.

SENVIC was formed with nine founding members, all of whom are leaders of some of Victoria’s longest-standing and influential social enterprises: ACRE, CERES, The Community Grocer, GAME Traffic and Contracting, Good Cycles, Green Collect, 100 Story Building, STREAT and Social Traders.

Our founders are passionate, pioneering and collaborative entrepreneurs and practitioners who have all seen the transformative impact of social enterprise as a catalyst for social change, environmental sustainability and improved economic circumstance.

In recognition of the potential of SENVIC to deliver significant benefits to the sector, the Victorian Government provided financial support towards coordination of state-wide network activities and an online presence to enable information sharing and connection. The Victorian Government’s Social Enterprise Strategy 2017 identified that a social enterprise network will strengthen the sector and improve engagement of social enterprise with government, intermediaries, buyers and each other.

SENVIC’s Advisory Board of founding members guided the growth and development of the network as a thriving collaboration and collective voice for social enterprise practitioners across Victoria.

By 2021, SENVIC had established itself as a central enabler of the growing social enterprise ecosystem, securing additional commitments from the Victorian Government and hosting the launch of the globally-celebrated Victorian Social Enterprise Strategy 2021-25.

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