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Employment White Paper Submission Assistant

We want to elevate the voice of social enterprise.

We’ve created a Submission Assistant to demystify the process and help you make an authentic and powerful submission.

Why make a submission?

The Australian Government’s Jobs Inquiry follows the Jobs Summit earlier this year which did not include a voice for social enterprise.

This inquiry is gathering data for a ‘White Paper’ to analyse the dynamics in the labour market and outline policy and actions to shape the future of work in Australia.

This inquiry is a rare opportunity for grass-roots participation about the national agenda for jobs and an inclusive economy.

Social enterprise is about the future of business, so this is our time to shine.

There are nine good reasons for making a submission, some personal, professional and about people power.

Use the submission assistant here

Regional Leaders Manifesto for Renewal

The SENVIC Regional Mini-Conference in March 2022 brought together social enterprise leaders from across Victoria.

SENVIC partnered with the Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE) to establish the regional network across regional Victoria. After two-years of pandemic disruptions, the SENVIC Regional Mini-Conference was held in March 2022. It gave delegates an insight into community-led rejuvination with our hosts. ACRE’s community-buy-back journey is an inspiration and the Conference was a fitting culmination of our partnership.

On the final day, delegates devised a SENVIC Regional Leads Manifesto for accelerating social enterprise in rural and regional Victoria. The manifesto is an invitation for Government and philanthropy to recognise the fundamental differences in the way that rural and regional communities connect with social enterprise.

Read more here.


Help Support Job Focussed Social Enterprises

We role-model a fair and inclusiove economy, providing dignity and autonomy to some of the most marginalised people in our community.

Have your say in the Federal Government’s reform of Job Active.

The Federal Government recently released a draft of its New Employment Services Model (NESM); the model that will replace jobactive. 

So SENVIC united with our interstate peers to make a joint submission through ASENA – the national alliance of Australia’s social enterprise networks.

Why is this important?

The NESM is the Government’s key program and investment to address unemployment. About $1.5 billion of public money goes towards it each year.

The Government needs job focused social enterprises and the outcomes they create. Jobactive is well understood to have limited and/or negative outcomes for the most disadvantaged job seekers, people job focused social enterprises serve well.

At the same time, jobs focussed social enterprises need a sustainable funding mechanism to support disadvantaged job seekers and to sustain, scale and maximise their impact.

The NESM should be a key instrument to do this. Job focused social enterprises should be able to access the NESM funds if and when they deliver the employment outcomes sought by the NESM. But to make this happen, changes to the NESM are needed.

So the Alliance of Social Enterprise Networks Australia (ASENA), responded to the draft NESM making recommendations for change. 

You can read ASENA’s response to the NESM Exposure Draft here

What can you do?

Sometimes quantity of submissions, not just quality, counts. If you support our response, please contact Stuart Robert, Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business at, and let him know. This could be as simple as:

To the Hon. Stuart Robert,

My organisation supports the ASENA response to the Exposure Draft for the New Employment Services Model 2022 Purchasing Arrangements, including the three recommendations in it:

  1. That when disadvantaged job seekers are engaged by a WISE, the WISE receives the full funding available to licenced Providers and Employers if and when they deliver the support and employment outcomes sought by the NESM.
  2. That this happens via ‘wage subsidy-plus’ agreements between WISEs and Providers, to pass on not only wage subsidies but any relevant Provider payments and Employment Fund payments when associated criteria are met. These should also have the following features:
    1. Have a standard form.
    2. Not be at a Provider’s discretion.
    3. Have the wage subsidy component linked to total hours of employment, within a three-year limit, with a requirement that the average hours of employment increase to an acceptable minimum over time.
  3. That compliance relating to the Points Based Activity System not be required for WISE employees (or automatically logged as 100 points) given WISE employees work, and are engaged in wrap-around activities.

The NESM is a potential game-changing opportunity to fund the support job-focused social enterprises provide, for the benefit of disadvantaged job seekers, government and communities.

More info on the NESM can be found here.

Read ASENA’s response to the NESM Exposure Draft here

Victorian Government Social Enterprise Strategy 2021+

Have your say in the Victorian Government Social Enterprise Strategy 2021+ consultation process.

In October 2020, the Victorian Government conducted a public consultation on to inform the Social Enterprise Strategy 2021+.

SENVIC distilled the diverse views of the social enterprise community gathered from events and surveys in 2020 to prepare its submission.

The submission is available to download as a PDF or accessible Word version.

SENVIC continues to represent the social enterprise community on the Strategy Reference Group convened by the Hon Jane Garrett MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Jobs.

The Reference Group will be meeting regularly over the next few months to review submissions and support the Victorian Government to develop a new Social Enterprise Strategy.

SENVIC wants to hear from you.

Tell us what you think the Strategy 2021+ should contain by completing our survey now.

A new national alliance has emerged

The Alliance of Social Enterprise Networks Australia (ASENA) was created following several months of cross-jurisdiction advocacy and collaboration in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

SENVIC was a driving force behind the establishment of ASENA and uniting seven social enterprise networks representing each state and territory of Australia.
ASENA creates a strong, united voice to the Australian Government, representing the interests of the burgeoning social enterprise community.
ASENA is an alliance of:
Social Enterprise Network Victoria (SENVIC)
Social Enterprise Council of NSW and ACT (SECNA)
Queensland Social Enterprise Council (QSEC)
South Australian Social Enterprise Council (SASEC)
Western Australia Social Enterprise Council (WASEC)
Social Enterprise Network of Northern Territory (Impact North)
Social Enterprise Network of Tasmania (emerging).
In each jurisdiction, these are the key peak bodies for the social enterprise community and represent an important and effective pathway for government consultation and coordination with the sector.
ASENA’s first action is preparing a submission to the Prime Minister’s Social Impact Investing Taskforce. The submission focuses on key foundational steps required at the national level to effectively define the scope and accelerate the depth of social enterprise’s impact in Australia. Victoria and Queensland have benefited from clear strategic direction and action plans to develop the social enterprise community and increase social procurement. The lack of a national strategy and substantial capital input leaves gaps and inconsistency for Victorians.
ASENA’s submission will be announced shortly.

Talk to your community

As part of #thegoodnessgap, we encourage you to use your voice on social media: Post a short video about your business, what impact you make, how C-19 has affected your business, and how are you embracing the new emerging opportunities.

Talk to us

As Victoria moves through different restrictions to manage and respond to the pandemic’s spread, it is important that we understand your situation so that we can represent your interests with clarity and conviction.

Please fill out this short survey to let us know the key issues you are facing and your concerns about what impact the pandemic will have on your business.

We are working with officials to design support measures to help the sector, but we need your help and we will be taking the key points raised in the survey to Government. We need to know how we can help you.