SALLY QUINN, Executive Director & Co-Founder, Green Collect

Sally Quinn is CEO and co-founder of Green Collect, and over the last 15 years has led the enterprise as a dynamic business and inclusive workplace. As a leading provider of resource recovery services across Melbourne, Green Collect demonstrates innovation and best practice in the sustainability industry. Sally has guided the enterprise through the phases of start-up, growth and now scale, leading it to become a sustainable and impactful social enterprise. At the heart of Sally’s work is a dedication to creating meaningful and supportive work for people who have been excluded from the labour market due to homelessness, mental health diagnoses and refugee experiences.

Prior to this, Sally’s 14 years in the homelessness and community development sectors shaped her desire to work outside existing systems and to be part of creating new solutions through social enterprise. Being partner to Green Collect co-founder, Darren Andrews, and parenting 4 kids along the way, means that life is always very full!

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