DONNA PETRIE, Regional Co-ordinator, SENVIC

Donna brings a solid international pedigree in social enterprise development to her role as SENVIC Regional Co-ordinator. She has worked for the Social Enterprise Academy (SAE) in Scotland since 2014 and led the major Scottish Government program ‘Just Enterprise’ for 4 years, managing learning programs reaching more than 250 learners per annum across Scotland’s communities. Currently on secondment from SEA Scotland and based in regional Victoria, Donna is working with the Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship as part of an International team trades agreement, the first of its kind within the Academy’s global hub network. She brings extensive knowledge from Scotland to support the growth of learning and development opportunities across Victoria.
Prior to working for the Social Enterprise Academy, Donna spent over 10 years working on supported employment contracts with local government, providing opportunities for those with barriers to work to secure and sustain employment.

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