Gippsland Local Learning Lab

‘Collaboration is the thread in our community that enables us to succeed and thrive. By sharing skills, experiences, and dreams we can co-create a regenerative future for the region’ – Sarah Tate, Gippsland Social Enterprise Collective.

An exciting opportunity exists for up to 25 enterprising people to become part of the Gippsland Local Learning Lab.

The Gippsland Social Enterprise Collective has partnered with WWF-Australia, Regen Studios, and The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) to support local regenerative enterprises at the Gippsland Local Learning Lab  – a two day workshop designed to support groups, entrepreneurs and businesses with an idea, project, or enterprise for regenerating Gippsland.

The Gippsland Local Learning Lab will bring together individuals, small-to-medium-sized enterprises, local partners and industry experts to provide support for ideas, projects and businesses that have the potential to bring social, environmental and economic benefits to the region.

This lab is a fun, interactive two-day workshop designed to support the development of regional regeneration and entrepreneurship. Participants will also enjoy local food, drink and natural spaces, of course!

Gippsland Local Learning Lab

The Gippsland Learning Lab will be held on the weekend of 12-13 November in West Gippsland, on the lands of the Brayakuloong clan of the Kurnai people.

We don’t need to choose between a healthy environment and a thriving economy. Through the labs, we hope to develop regional and national networks of communities, businesses and experts working together to Regenerate Australia.

Who and what we are looking for

We are looking for up to 25 people with regenerative ideas, projects, collaborations or enterprises that relate to biodiversity, agriculture, tourism, energy, waste, education, democracy, transport, water, art, Indigenous-led enterprise, wellbeing – almost anything! The most important thing is that what you propose is regenerative, meaning that what you are adding to natural environmental and social systems, not extracting from or exploiting people or places.

We want to grow local economies through entrepreneurship that is connected to people and nature and embedded in the community. We’re especially interested in ideas and projects that are still at a local scale and have the potential and the desire to grow. Regeneration brings vitality and renewed growth to the community and to our ecosystems – putting life, reciprocity and connection at the centre of every decision we make.

Contact Sarah Tate at for more information.