Employment Reform Survey

Have your say on the Federal Government Employment White Paper

This page will help SENVIC to reflect your views in our submission to the Federal Government Employment White Paper

This document is intended to collate key messages and sources to be hosted in the Submission Assistant for optional use generally – eg, tick box to collate content quickly for use independently by social enterprises and their supporters.

Background to consultation

The Employment White Paper (the White Paper) will provide a roadmap for Australia to build a bigger, better-trained and more productive workforce – to boost incomes and living standards and create more opportunities for more Australians.

The White Paper will build on the outcomes of the Jobs and Skills Summit and will have an overarching focus on the objectives of full employment and productivity growth for the benefit of all Australians, along with women’s economic participation and equality.

It will explore issues, frameworks and policy approaches relevant to the future of Australia’s labour market over the medium and long term and will take into account a diverse range of perspectives from across Australia, including from representatives of civil society, unions, employers and governments.

The published guidelines on how to make a submission is here: