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Professional Migrant Women Iftar Dinner

22 March @ 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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PMW Iftar Dinner: Coming together to Reflect, Connect and Heal.

Join us for our Iftar Dinner, an evening of connection and reflection. As the sun sets, we gather to break bread and share stories, uniting to heal, celebrate, and embrace our diverse community. Engage in this sacred tradition of breaking the fast, where we’ll nourish our bodies and souls, fostering unity and understanding. Let’s take a moment to pause, reflect, and rejoice in the spirit of togetherness. Whether you’re a seasoned attendee or experiencing this event for the first time, all are welcome to partake in this inclusive and uplifting occasion. Join us as we break barriers and build bridges, one meal at a time.

This event is open to women only. We encourage and welcome women from all diverse backgrounds and walks of life. Mums are welcome to bring their children.

Our Speakers

We’ve brought together some powerful speakers for this special evening:

Meet our Keynote Speaker – Mariam Issa
Mariam Issa is a visionary storyteller, a life coach, an author, a community builder and an educator holding diversity in a unified vision. She’s committed to offering tools to be more tuned skillfully together. She has a potent understanding of adversity which shines a fierce light to all issues she embraces, weaving her African heritage and her creed (Islam) into contemporary expressions of faith, inviting all to join herat the table of compassionate conversations. She has honed and distilled her unique memories to support others to tap into their inner reservoir and resourcefulness.

Meet our MC – Eman Al-Dasuqi
Eman is a recognised leader in empowering migrant and refugee women. Her working arena is advocacy in action, specialising in capacity building, professional development, promoting health equity and economic capability on a state and national level in Australia. A trainer and a public speaker, Eman often presents on panels and is a regular guest on different podcasts and Australian radio.Eman promotes migrant women’s empowerment through meaningful engagement, courageous conversations and exchanging leadership qualities through effective participation, solidarity and fierce advocacy. She believes in insisting on connections and drawing inspiration from our differences and enhancing a sense of belonging in our rich and culturally diverse communities. When she is not pouring oil in other’s lamps, Eman is making memories with her 8-year-old son, reading about global south feminism and exploring endless varieties of coffee blends. People who know her would say that she is a constructive noise maker, curious and ‘surprisingly tall’.

Meet our Poet – Farah Beaini
Farah is a poet and performer interested in exploring stories of identity and belonging in an age of constant movement. Liquid and lyrical, her work blends mediums with transcending stories that tackle difficult conversations within the community. She has regularly featured at major events and festivals including the Melbourne Writer’s Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival and Melbourne Spoken Word and Poetry Festival. Many of her poems have also been broadcast on major community radio stations (PBS 106.7 FM, 3ZZZ, SBS Radio).


Keynote speaker followed by dinner and a safe space for connection and healing.

Photo Consent:

Please be aware that PMW events are filmed and photographed for public release and that you are agreeing to be captured by our media team. If you would not like to be captured in any filming of the event or photography, please let us know upon arrival at the event.

Can’t pay for the ticket?

A number of free tickets are set aside for our events. If you can’t pay for your ticket, please apply for a sponsored ticket. We will contact you when the tickets become available.

Things to Know About Ramadan:

  • Fasting (Sawm):
    • Muslims fast from dawn to sunset.
    • No food, drink, smoking, or other physical needs during fasting hours.
    • Fasting is a spiritual practice aimed at self-discipline and empathy.
  • Increased Prayer and Reflection:
    • Muslims engage in more prayers and Quranic recitation during Ramadan.
    • It’s a time for spiritual reflection and drawing closer to God.
  • Acts of Charity:
    • Giving charity is emphasized, with many Muslims choosing to donate before, during and after Ramadan.
    • Voluntary charity (Sadaqah) is also encouraged.
    • Acts of kindness, generosity, and community service are highlighted.
  • Community and Togetherness:
    • Ramadan fosters a sense of community and solidarity among Muslims.
    • Many Muslims gather for special prayers and meals with family and friends during the month.
  • Cultural Significance:
    • Ramadan is a time of cultural significance, marked by special foods, traditions, and gatherings.
    • It’s a time for celebration, reflection, and gratitude.

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22 March
5:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Professional Migrant Women


Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, Wayi Djerring Room
210 Lonsdale St
Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia
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