Realtalk Events

Wednesday 8 June at 10:30 to 11:30 online

Social enterprise leaders – we need to talk.

Join the conversation with Nick Pearce from HOMIE.

Realtalk is a virtual morning tea to connect with other social entrepreneurs. It’s casual and informal and enables you to connect with others and share what’s going on with you.

Nick Pearce from HOMIE is candid about the challenges in his social enterprise and is keen to connect and share learnings with others. He doesn’t have all the answers but believes we are stronger together.

Realtalk Homie
Above: Nick Pearce (L) and Jack Howes (R) from HOMIE

Watch past events

Conversation Circles: Universal Impact Series

November to December 2021

It’s time to unite on how we identify, communicate and measure our impact.

Social enterprise is ahead of the curve in mission-led business innovation.

Find our more about SDGs here.

Watch our ‘Universal Impact’ series to build your capacity and confidence with the SDGs that matter to you.

Conversation Circles

Regional Networks: A Blueprint for Thriving – 22 September 2020

 Speakers: Gippsland Social Enterprise Collective


With Lachlann Carter – 27 August 2020

 Speakers: Lachlann Carter, SENVIC Board member, and CEO of 100 Story Building

Conversation Circles

Staff well-being, before and after lockdown – 27 July 2020

 Speakers: Loretta Bolotin from Free to Feed

Conversation with the Victorian Government – 22 June 2020

Nick Verginis, CEO SENVIC hosts a discussion with:

• The Hon. Jane Garrett, Parliamentary Secretary for Jobs, Member for Eastern Victoria

• David Clements, Deputy Secretary Inclusion, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions

February 2020 Networking event

Charcoal Lane, Fitzroy, Melbourne 27 February 2020