SENVIC and DJPR SEWF2022 banner
SENVIC and Victorian Government banner – look for this banner at SEWF2022


Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF2022)

The Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF2022) is the most exciting event on the social enterprise calendar and in 2022 it’s coming to Brisbane, Australia!

How will you get involved?

I’m going to Brisbane, how do I connect with fellow Victorians?

Here is our advice on how to find your home away from home:
  1. Get on our Slack channel and introduce yourself – check the member email on 21 September or sign-up now (click here)
  2. Grab your plate and join us for lunch on Wednesday in the Ballroom – meet Victorian Sheena MP, buddy up with a peer and compare program notes.
  3. Use the SENVIC booth as a place to meet friends and to find the SENVIC team (pictured below – note, the booth is much smaller).
  4. Drink as much as you can from the well, and share insights in the new Slack channel.
  5. Scroll down for marigold planting instructions.

Marigold fiesta

Help, I can’t get to Brisbane! How can I go to SEWF2022?

That’s OK, we’ve got you covered with in-person SEWF2022 Community Hubs in Frankston and Horsham.

If you can’t get to either of those then virtual tickets for the whole conference are only $46.50 and you can purchase one through the Gippsland Community Hub Takeover which showcases social enterprise and regenerative tourism in Gippsland.

Stay connected anywhere

Whether you are in Brisbane or Bairnsdale, join our Slack group and share your highlights from SEWF here and on social media. Follow us and join in using #socentau and #sewf2022.

We can’t wait to connect with you all,

Nick, Sakshi, Carmel and Danielle


SENVIC Team, Nick, Sakshi, Carmel and Danielle

Tagetes patula
planting instructions

‘Fiesta is a French marigold with dark tawny red and lemon bi-coloured flowers that bloom for a long period and will brighten any garden. Use as an edging along garden beds or in pots. Marigolds are an effective nematode control; at the end of the season, chop the plants up and dig them through the soil. As the leaves decompose they release a gas that controls nematodes.

Plant Type: Hardy, warm season annual
Plant Height: 30cm high
Sow When: Germinate best at 23-26c
Cool: November – December
Temperate Late Spring
Subtropical Late summer in frost free areas
Tropical: Dry season
Germination: 7-10 days
Depth: 3-5 mm deep
Position: Full sun
Sow Where: Sow direct or into seedling trays
Soil Type: Tolerant of most soils: well drained, pH 6.5-7
Spacing: Space the plants 30-45 cm apart
Details: Deadhead frequently to maintain flowering, often self sow from year to year
Flowering: 12 weeks