Enterprise name: ReFashioned by A Fitting Connection

What’s the trading activity

A Fitting Connection facilitates behaviour change through our range of workshops and school programs that focus on textile waste and upcycling.

Fundraising With Purpose School Program
This program, run as a series of school incursions, teaches students how to turn pre-loved clothing & textiles into new products that they then sell to raise money for their school or nominated charity. Along the way, they also learn about product development, creation, marketing, and tallying up the accounts.

Local school Apollo Parkways Primary School were able to turn 37kg of waste into upcycled dog toys, which they sold to raise funds for Greenpeace Australia Pacific. Read more
Katrina has assisted schools in securing funding to undertake the program, through local council grants (Nillumbik & Banyule).Re-Fashioned Upcycling Workshops

One-off workshops that allow children to create their own fabric football, accessory or another item from offcuts and pre-loved garments. These workshops have been particularly popular with libraries, which incorporate them into their holiday and after-school programs.

What’s the social or environmental cause your enterprise addresses?

We address the 6 tons of textiles that is being sent to landfill every ten minutes in Australia.

We address it and educate the community about how to be purposeful in purchasing and depositing.

What is the biggest challenge?

Not having all the answers as to what we should do with unwanted textiles and what happens with it when it does go off to the few organisations that do accept textile waste.

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