Enterprise name SisterWorks

What’s the trading activity SisterWorks has a shop and cafe, a catering service, do market stalls, corporate workshops, and manufacturing.

Our shop and cafe provides entrepreneurship and employment opportunities to migrant, refugee and asylum seeker women – our Sisters. While also giving people an ethical community space where everyone can enjoy a tasty coffee, grab a bite to eat or purchase quality homemade and locally designed products. Our product range includes jewellery, body care, bags, homewares, candles, toys, newborn products, hampers and preserves. Visit us in Richmond or online

Read more about our wide variety of trading activities here.

What’s the social or environmental cause your enterprise addresses? Since 2013 we have helped over 2500 women from 105 countries. We offer a range of programs, entrepreneurship and employment opportunities that help women to develop their skills, confidence, and connections. We also provide support with finding employment, starting their own businesses, and navigating the Australian system. We believe that when women are empowered, they can make a positive difference in their own lives and in the lives of their families and communities.

Professional Migrant Women

Professional Migrant Women

Enterprise name Professional Migrant Women

What’s the trading activity Our aim is to increase representation of diverse women in Australia through meaningful employment, career progression and leadership development through an intersectional lense.

How are you going with the work?

For the past two years, our team of PMW volunteers has been helping migrants women secure their first professional job in Australia, with 60% of our participants finding jobs during or in the first 3 months after the program.

However, the multiple personal and systematic barriers that diverse women face, makes it difficult for them to maximise their potential and contribution in the workplace.

Professional migrant women are capable, adapted and ambitious, and are willing to take on new challenges and contribute with their skills and talents. But they need opportunities and support to overcome the barriers that hold them back.

We want to expand our services and offer programs that help diverse women develop their skills, gain visibility and influence to advance their careers and increase representation.

These programs will give sustainability to our business, create employment opportunities and increase our impact.

What is the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is access to funding or capital.

Our level 1 program, is a 3-months program with very low administrative fees that cover the cost of our systems, but is not enough to make our operations sustainable.

For that reason, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign to support pilots for our 2 new programs. More details in the link below.


knext Career Design

knext Career Design

Enterprise name: knext Career Design 

What’s the trading activity 

knext Career Design a social enterprise created to prepare culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) people including people of colour for the world of work.

We do this by co-designing a plan around the CALD person; then empowering them with information, tools and support to design a sustainable career that we hope will serve the individual, their community and beyond – today and into the future.

The result is an adaptable, purpose-led career roadmap that aligns to one’s circumstances, personality, strengths and interests. In addition, we empower the individual to put in place strategies to manage career barriers.

Whether someone is kicking off their career, wanting a career change, not sure about what to do, feeling stuck, or would like some guidance on further studies, we are here to help and cheer them on to success.

What’s the social or environmental cause your enterprise addresses?

knext has identified a number of opportunities that we hope will help empower people from ethnically diverse backgrounds:

1) addressing the discrimination that CALD people face when pursuing their career and/or employment;
2) by forming strategic partnerships, build capacity through careers education and career design using design thinking approaches;
3) improving education and employment outcomes for CALD people that we hope, will be meaningful and most importantly, sustainable;
4) partnering with social impact players who are on a mission to tackle disadvantage and inequalities faced by CALD people

What is your hope for the future?

Our hope for the future is an equitable and just society where CALD people succeed in the future world of work and live fulfilled, dignified lives.