Good Cycles

Good Cycles

Enterprise name  Good Cycles

What’s the cause  Good Cycles provides young people who are at risk of disengagement with employment opportunities to improve their future prospects.
By delivering training, support and on the job experience, our young people are better equipped to enter the workforce into meaningful employment.

What’s the trading activity  Good Cycles is comprised of two main trading streams. We operate three bike stores, providing bike servicing and sales. Our Melbourne CBD store stocks new bikes and E-Bikes, our Geelong Community Bike Hub refurbishes and sells donated bikes and our Bike Hub on Harbour Esplanade focuses on servicing and accessories. We provide on-site bike servicing and are currently expanding that service to provide full-suite wellbeing programs for companies to encourage their staff to consider commuting to work on a bike. We also offer a range of business services including on site car cleaning, logistics services and on-street small asset maintenance. These services are delivered by a group of dedicated staff and provides the majority of our transitional employment positions.

How are you going with the work?  Our stores and on-site servicing presence has grown steadily over the time we have been in operation. We are well known in Melbourne as a cycling store that is more than just a bike shop, we are bike shop that does good.
Our business service offerings are growing with support from our partners and funders and we have expanded from offering services only in the Greater Melbourne area, to now delivering these services in Melbourne, Geelong and Sydney!

Biggest challenge  The biggest challenge we face currently is balancing our limited resources and what we want to achieve!
Our team work hard to achieve great outcomes for our young people, our commercial partners everyone who steps inside our bike store or are interested in our services.

Hope for the future   We aim to provide 100 employment transitions within the business per year by 2022. We want to see that young people have jobs and better futures.