What is your trading activity? 
ActionSkills specialise in creating simple, yet powerful websites and campaign tools that everyday people can use.

We have been supporting small to medium sized non-profits and change makers for over 21 years, so we understand what works in the real world.

Training and mentoring is at the core of our approach, allowing you to build the skills to independently manage your websites and campaign tools.

We also provide ongoing management of systems and we are always here to support and sort out the hard bits.

What’s the social or environmental cause your enterprise addresses?
Supplying low cost IT strategy and services to small NFPs and community groups to increase their effectiveness as these services are inaccessible to many smaller groups

Increase the number of people in the NFP community with relevant technological skills to implement and run IT systems as there is a shortage of these skills.

We plan to run training and mentorship programs to achieve these aims.

What is the biggest challenge?
Sourcing funding to setup and run our big picture plans. We are currently running as a more traditional agency in the short term to fund our costs and implement smaller projects.

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