Enterprise name Australian Spatial Analytics

What’s the trading activity ASA is a unique data services provider, our purpose is to use data to employ diversity.
As one of Australia’s largest and fastest growing social enterprises, we add value to corporations and governments by training and employing remarkable young neurodiverse individuals to process and analyse geospatial and engineering data in a range of industries including telcos, energy, utilities, agriculture, government agencies and academia.

What’s the social or environmental cause your enterprise addresses?

Our Goal is to make Social Impact to the lives of young un-employed neurodiverse people in our community, by providing a career pathway in Geospatial and Engineering sectors.
By doing this, we solve Short term skills shortages for our client’s projects, by delivering Undergraduate Geospatial and Engineering professional services
We also solve long term skills shortages by training and nurturing the next generation of Geospatial and Engineering Professionals

How are you going with the work?

Answer ASA is Australia’s largest and fastest growing Work Integrated Social Enterprise, delivering Geospatial and Digital Engineering professional services to the Victorian Economy.
We have over 110 staff and plans to have 300 staff in 3 years, of which 80% will be neurodiverse