Enterprise name Common Times

What’s the trading activity Common Times is a digital noticeboard that connects community groups and their local community. Common Times builds community connection and engagement and hence individual and community resilience. NFP community groups can list on Common Times and post news about the services they provide and any events coming up. SENVIC members can list their business on Common Times under our shop local listing. Common Times gets over 50K visitors per annum – get your share of this audience by listing your community group or business.

What’s the social or environmental cause your enterprise addresses?

Common Times fights loneliness and builds local community resilience. Big search and big social media actively discourage local connection. They reward content that divides. They present content that focusses users on an ever narrower interests. Measuring the value of content by the number of clicks rewards national and international content at the expense of the local and regional. Result is a connected society without local connection and a pandemic of loneliness. Common Times is built to support local community connection. It builds engagement and involvement in the local community by design. Only community groups and local businesses can post on Common Times and every reader sees all the content related to just their local area. Just like a local noticeboard except in feed format on your phone.

What is the biggest challenge?

Getting content. We want every member of SENVIC to put their community group or business on Common Times and get their customers to follow them on Common Times. Let’s change the world. Let’s get local. Let’s get connected.