What is your trading activity? 

Fungi Solutions is an organic waste recycling facility, taking in local resources which would otherwise go to landfill, and using mushrooms to transform them into sustainable packaging. We see this waste as a valuable resource, with a life beyond landfill.

The products we make are for environmentally conscious Australian businesses who are seeking ethical, sustainable packaging solutions. We create beautiful, customisable, home compostable alternatives to single use plastics to protect products during shipping and don’t end up as pollution or landfill post use.

What’s the social or environmental cause your enterprise addresses?
With co-founder Camden Cooke, Fungi Solutions was established in 2020, to reimagine organic waste and transform it into sustainable circular products.
We want to not only reduce the reliance on petrochemicals, but also recapture existing undervalued resources. To create products that are reusable, regenerative and don’t require intensive chemical treatment or specialist facilities to break down. Myco-Materials do all of these things and our Myco-Cycling model is a world first in the way we approach circularity of waste and are pioneering approaches to pollutant remediation.

What is your hope for the future?
Our enterprise is set to establish a new industry based on Myco-Cycling, generating social and economic opportunities, and solidly situating Australia as a world leader in resource management. We believe accessibility and transparency are key in producing reforms in behaviour and practice. We are working towards a future where those valuable resources are used to generate a healthy outcome for people and the planet.

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