What is your trading activity? 
We believe that people want to support organisations that are aligned with their values. But there is no easy way to find the organisations who put purpose ahead of, or equal to, profit. So, we created a platform to find the for-purpose organisations tackling social and environmental change.

Greatest Good is a directory, community and marketplace that helps conscious consumers to find, engage and transact with for-purpose organisations. That means we’re connecting conscious consumers with social enterprises, charities, community groups, co-ops, other not for profits, and B Corps who are aligned with their values.

It’s a one-stop platform where consumers choose the value areas that are important to them and we show the for-purpose organisations who meet these values. From there, they decide how they want to engage with and support them! This can be shopping, donating and attending courses and events. There are also opportunities for working, volunteering and collaborating.

It’s also a one-stop platform where for-purpose organisations can sell products/services, obtain donations (DGR1 only), offer courses and education programs, list unlimited paid and volunteers jobs, fund-raising and other events and collaboration opportunities, They can also access grants and a directory of service providers who specialise in providing services to the for-purpose sector.

What is the biggest challenge?

There have been a few challenges over the last 4 years of research and platform development (oh, the stories I could tell…). But the biggest challenge we are now facing is the chicken and egg scenario of a two-sided platform and marketplace. We have hundreds of consumers ready to find, engage and transact with for-purpose organisations, but we need the organisations on the platform first so they can be found, engaged and transacted with. So, which SENVIC members are willing to take the first steps…

What is your hope for the future?
My hope for the future is that people live their lives according to their values. Greatest Good is the White Pages, ebay, Seek, Eventbrite and more of for-purpose organisations. We hope that consumers use it to find for-purpose organisations aligned with their values, then use the platform to shop with, donate to, attend learning, find paid and volunteer jobs, fund-raising, collaboration and other events offered by these organisations. Doing this will grow and build capacity in the for-purpose sector, as well as building a community of conscious consumers willing to collectively tackle social and environmental problems.

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