Enterprise name: Lively

What’s the trading activity? 

We train and employ young jobseekers aged 18-25 to offer a range of social and practical support services for older community members. These services include home care, technology help, gardening and most recently a range of remote supports through the COVID-19 outbreak.

How are you going with the work?

Obviously, 2020 has been a tough year! We work with two beneficiary groups that have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak; young people (who have lost employment in key industries such as retail and hospitality), and older people (who are at high risk from the virus and have been especially isolated). In this context, we’ve had to pivot our strategy towards the delivery of a range of remote supports during this time, and some of our other plans have been pushed back, but what’s been really pleasing is that we’ve actually been able to expand our overall reach and impact during this time. We’re really excited about exploring how we can sustain some of the relationships and connections forged during this time to accelerate our growth and impact as we move out of lockdown!

What is your hope for the future?

We know that Australia’s population is ageing, and that the aged care workforce isn’t growing fast enough to keep up with demand. We also know that a large proportion of the jobs that young people currently rely on for entry level experience are at high risk of automation and change in the coming decades. In this context, our hope and goal is to build a community where supporting older people to live well and stay connected has become a mainstream employment opportunity for young people – just as retail and hospitality are today. In this vision:

– Young people will have access to meaningful and rewarding employment;
– Older people will have access to the support they need to keep enjoying life; and
– Older people will have the space to share their experience and wisdom back with the young – supporting young people’s development and fostering a renewed sense of value for our older community members.

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