Enterprise name Melbourne Farmers Markets

What’s the trading activity Melbourne Farmers Markets is a not for profit social enterprise dedicated to Victorian food and producers, regional food cultures, seasonal produce, biodiversity, sustainable farming practices and strengthening relationships between the consumer and the producer. We operate seven vibrant and successful farmers’ markets across Melbourne.

What’s the social or environmental cause your enterprise addresses?

The farmers and producers who attend our markets are accredited with the Victorian Farmers Markets Association, which means they have genuinely grown, reared, caught, baked or made the food they are selling.
When you shop at one of our markets you have the unique opportunity to meet the person responsible for your food and directly support their livelihood. At a time where our supermarkets are short-changing Australian farmers, shopping at our farmers’ markets gives you the opportunity to make an immediate difference.
Our stallholders are hard working Victorian farmers and producers who make the trek each week, whatever the weather, to sell their produce direct to you!

For most this isn’t a hobby or social outing, it’s their livelihood. Even those who travel long distances to attend, farmers’ markets have become their primary source of income and, importantly, they’re trading on their own terms.

What is your hope for the future?

Our hope for the future is to reconnect Victorian growers and farmers with urban communities.

There’s that oft-throwaway line, ‘we all want to know where our food comes from’. And without making a huge effort, you can have the certainty that that’s what you’re doing (at the farmers’ market) with the person you’re buying from.” – Miranda Sharp, MFM Director.