Enterprise name  Mosaik Experiences

What’s the trading activity  Mosaik Experiences is a social enterprise that aims to inspire a sense of community and belonging, by blending the power of arts and culture.

We provide unique, authentic, memorable and participative cultural experiences which include music, dance, art & crafts, language and food, perfect for lifestyle programs and celebrations at aged care facilities, disability and senior groups.

Our workshops, programs and entertainment generate opportunities for enjoyment, welcoming and inclusive environment and, at the same time, creates a connection among the participants.

As a social enterprise, we generate job opportunities for migrants who are part of the team performing and facilitating the experiences. We also support social programs for seniors and people with disabilities at community houses.

Our vision is a happier, more inclusive and more connected society.

What’s the social or environmental cause your enterprise addresses?

We exist to address cultural and social isolation in Australia, particularly with migrants, older adults and people with disabilities.

Go to   mosaikexperiences.com.au