Enterprise name Welcome Merchant

What’s the trading activity We run curated dining events and artist-led workshops in Sydney and Melbourne, in partnership with refugee and asylum seeker entrepreneurs in Australia.

We also sell gift hampers on behalf of 9 refugee entrepreneurs.

We promote, for free, refugee and asylum seeker entrepreneurs in our online directory and social media channels. We also run free skill-building workshops for these entrepreneurs.

What’s the social or environmental cause your enterprise addresses?

We bridge the gap between the refugee and asylum seeker business community and the wider public.

We are contributing to changing the negative perception of refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia.

How are you going with the work?

We have organised 18 successful events in partnership with the refugee entrepreneurs so far, 3 of them in Melbourne.

We’ve sold around 180 gift hampers, with 90 being sold to Canva end of 2021.

We have featured 119 refugee-led businesses in Australia since we launched on Instagram in March 2020. We’ve organised 5 free skill-building workshops for the entrepreneurs.

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