Enterprise name Youngster.co

What’s the trading activity Youngster.co is a social enterprise that addresses the critical societal issues of the widening intergenerational gap, loneliness among young and old, and the challenges posed by rapid technological advances. Youngster.co creates work and volunteering experiences for young people who assist seniors with their tech needs. Free tech-help sessions are delivered by young people for seniors in shopping centres and libraries, or for a small fee at home.

What’s the social or environmental cause your enterprise addresses?

Our impact extends beyond tech help; we’re about building connections, fostering understanding, and creating a community where everyone feels valued and respected. We also commit 50% of our profits to tech help sessions.

What is your hope for the future?

The biggest challenge is to get the seniors aware of this service. The service is free at shopping centres. Businesses interested in up-skilling their mature-age workers might find our approach interesting:
Mature-age workers have a wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills that are an asset to any workplace. However, they have not grown up with the same technologies as their younger counterparts. As a result of this, many find adopting new technology to be a daunting task, affecting their confidence, productivity, and relationships with colleagues. Our vetted Youngsters are here to help mature-age workers learn the tech skills they need to work effectively. Whether you need 1:1 sessions for specific employees or group sessions to train everyone on a new system, we’ve got it covered!