Enterprise name: knext Career Design 

What’s the trading activity 

knext Career Design a social enterprise created to prepare culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) people including people of colour for the world of work.

We do this by co-designing a plan around the CALD person; then empowering them with information, tools and support to design a sustainable career that we hope will serve the individual, their community and beyond – today and into the future.

The result is an adaptable, purpose-led career roadmap that aligns to one’s circumstances, personality, strengths and interests. In addition, we empower the individual to put in place strategies to manage career barriers.

Whether someone is kicking off their career, wanting a career change, not sure about what to do, feeling stuck, or would like some guidance on further studies, we are here to help and cheer them on to success.

What’s the social or environmental cause your enterprise addresses?

knext has identified a number of opportunities that we hope will help empower people from ethnically diverse backgrounds:

1) addressing the discrimination that CALD people face when pursuing their career and/or employment;
2) by forming strategic partnerships, build capacity through careers education and career design using design thinking approaches;
3) improving education and employment outcomes for CALD people that we hope, will be meaningful and most importantly, sustainable;
4) partnering with social impact players who are on a mission to tackle disadvantage and inequalities faced by CALD people

What is your hope for the future?

Our hope for the future is an equitable and just society where CALD people succeed in the future world of work and live fulfilled, dignified lives.