Enterprise name Into Carry

What’s the trading activity We source quality trash and handcraft it into carry wear. We’ve developed a textile manufacturing process that allows a wide variety of materials to be upcycled into function bags for modern commuters. Each design decision is made with longevity at its core. Longevity is important in material terms, but also in functional terms. In our fast-paced lifestyle, products are thrown out because they’re outdated, not because they’re broken. So we spend a lot of time making sure our products functions are resilient to lifestyle changes with modular attachments, customisation and personalisation.
We position our products to appeal to sustainability nuts (like ourselves), but more importantly, we position them to appeal to those less active around sustainability. By engaging, educating and inspiring more of the community to think about sustainability we can normalise things like repurposing materials and prove you don’t need to sacrifice to live sustainably. It is much more achievable than it seems, when done in the right way.

What is your hope for the future?

Coming from an industrial design background, we realised there is way too much ‘stuff’ in the world. So we set out to change the broken relationships with material resources. We’re driven to find and develop new innovative ways to live sustainably and work towards circular manufacturing systems. The first step in this journey is Into Carry, where we turn trash into carry bags. We have plans in place to enter the food and packaging industry and rustle some feathers there too.

 How are you going with the work?

We are living in an exciting time for sustainability. Yes, we have some terrible habits and systems in place that are going to take decades to amend, but we are also seeing a huge increase in consumer driven demand for sustainable products and processes. Being a sustainable business, this makes life so much easier as there are more and more sustainable options, from home-compostable mailers to off the shelf 100% post-consumer recycled parts. It is becoming easier and easier to be a sustainable business and the more people we can get involved, the quicker it will progress. Exciting times indeed.